Project Support

To help float the project and developers we offer a few consulting services to make your team’s life easier. Note, Serpico itself has always and will always be free.

ServicePriceEnterprise License Holders

Custom Installer

Using your findings and templates we will create a custom stand alone Serpico installer for Linux, OS X, or Windows. The installer includes:

   • Native Installation of Serpico that requires no outside dependencies to get going; install in less than 3 minutes on any OS
   • Your findings and templates. Every consultant has the same copy of your reporting setup.

The goal of the custom installer is a consultant can travel onsite and have a clean version of the reporting engine. The consultant can generate a report on site or import into your primary Serpico instance at home.

$500 per installerFree, Included with Enterprise License


Slack and e-mail based support for you or your team.

$500 per yearFree, Included with Enterprise License

Document Conversion

Provide us with your existing report template and findings, we convert those into a Serpico template.

$500 per document$300 per document

Custom Plug-in Creation

Want to integrate Serpico with another product or tool? We can help with custom plug-in development.

E-mail for QuoteE-mail for Quote