Serpico 1.2 Feature: Plug-In Framework

The Serpico team has been hard at work adding features to lessen the burden of reporting. One of our latest features is the Plugin framework. One of the goals we had for the plug-in framework was to allow a developer to overwrite parts of Serpico. Plug-ins give developers tremendous power and flexibility to extent Serpico to meet their specific needs. With plug-ins, developers no longer have to worry about their secret sauce getting overwritten when updating the core framework.

Our first example is the Auth_Mode plug-in described in Monkey Patching Serpico. As a developer, the Auth_Mode plugin is a must have and speeds up development time. Our second example plug-in deals with custom User Defined Variables as shown in UDV Worksheet. This post is a great example of using a plug-in to extend the framework. With some additional tweaks and creativity, this plug-in can be used to assist in gap style assessments such as those used for HIPPA or PCI.

If you’re at Black Hat next week stop by and check out these new features in action. We’ll be at the Arsenal track on Thursday, July 27th from 10:00am-11:20am.