UI Refresh

Thanks to a massive effort by @MaxNad Serpico has a new refreshed UI. As a result the web interface is far more responsive, fits better on different screen resolutions, significantly cleaner code, and other benefits. Best of all it should make it even easier to commit updates in the future. DECENT!

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Welcome Odle

Importing scan data has been a long standing thorn in our side. To decouple the import process and encourage new import formats I authored a Ruby gem named odle(rubygem). odle takes XML data from various security tools and outputs their JSON equivalent. The goal is to be (1) simple, (2) fast, and (3) work on many platforms with only one dependency – nokogiri. Serpico now supports odle as a means of importing scan data.

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Migrating Support to Slack

Over the past few months the team has been migrating Serpico support away from IRC and over to Slack. If you’d like access to the Slack channel please e-mail support –at___ serpicoproject.com. As of today, the IRC channel will no long be a monitored platform for support.

Visit Us At Blackhat Arsenal 2017

We are presenting at Arsenal BlackHat USA 2017. If you’re at BlackHat next week stop by and check out these new features in action. We’ll be at the Arsenal track on Thursday, July 27th from 10:00am-11:20am.