Release 1.1.0 is out

Release 1.1.0 went out on Friday. It’s a relatively small release feature wise but there are a couple of things to call out:

Serpico Plug-in Framework

For a while we’ve wanted a way to test out functionality without requiring it be in the master branch. Plug-ins are an awesome way to do this. You can add completely new functionality (with access to the DB, etc) in a small and easy to test/maintain package. More blog posts about this on the way. For now check out here and in the Serpico Plugins Project.

Automated Build Process

Our resident deployment ninja Petessss put together an automated build process. This has cut down on the time it takes to create a build considerably. The goal is get releases out for testing more often.

Markdown sanity check

We implemented a feature that will report errors in the markdown when attempting to save a finding. Previously this could break a report and was annoying to troubleshoot. We should be improving the markdown process more in the future.