Serpico 1.0.0 is out

BlackHat Arsenal marked the first alpha release of Serpico. Today, after a major effort in the release cycle from Petessss we have hit 1.0.0. There’s a lot of stuff in here (55 issues closed since last release; numerous features and bugs) but there are a few things I want to call out:

Windows and OS X Installer

Using Serpico on OS X and Windows just got way easier thanks to a mega effort from Petessss. Personally, I am really excited about this because I can hammer out reports in my Windows VM and use a clean instance every time.

Bulk Upload and Image Insertion Auto-Complete

Multiple attachments can now be uploaded at once. This means uploading a directory of screenshots instead of one at a time. Furthermore, just type the character “[” into the Proof of Concept section and your list of images is loaded similar to GitHub autocomplete. This should hopefully speed up your reporting time.

New Logo

ccammilleri drew up a rad logo. It’s on the front page now and if you see us at a conference, ask for stickers.


Moving from ZipRuby to RubyZip allowed us to start using Windows. This actually took quite a bit of testing, but glad to see it in there.

Route Splitting

Routes are now split into multiple files. This will pave the way for plug-ins and easier debugging.

Presentations as PDFs

There is a new link to generate your presentation as a PDF ; much easier to hand to a client.